Working together to bring revitalization and renewal to our district.

My name is Beth Spell and I am a candidate for Oregon House of Representatives for District 60. I would like you to know a little bit about me and why I feel I could represent our district well.

I am the great-granddaughter of early settlers of Baker and Grant Counties who came to Oregon in the late 1800’s and I have lived in Grant County most of my life. My family heritage includes ranchers, farmers, miners and timber workers. I have a very strong tie to the land and want to see our quality of life maintained with good stewardship of our natural resources while providing leadership in seeking ways to still preserve the livelihoods of those who depend upon the land.

It is time to put adversarial politics to rest and bring us back to a middle ground where both sides of an issue have a voice at the table. We need a concerted effort to bring out all the issues that divide and then work back to a plan that will preserve our resources and environment for the future, while still respecting the needs for employment. We need to work toward ensuring that family wage jobs are preserved through creative and innovative planning. One of our greatest resources is our youth and we need to find ways to keep them here in Eastern Oregon.


I have worked in the field of education since the mid 1970’s as a classroom assistant, teacher and substitute teacher. During my years as a teacher, I was a member of our negotiating   team and as such developed the skills to have a conversation about points of discourse without being adversarial. I feel I can listen well to both sides of a question and guide the parties involved back to a point of agreement. If the needs of Eastern Oregon are going to be met, we need to be able to articulate them as well as demonstrate an ability to listen to other viewpoints. This will enable us to offer up points where we can work together to bring renewal and revitalization to our district.



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